Attract UnionPay Cardholders and Grow Your Business

Chinese consumers are now the biggest global spenders.*
Promote your acceptance of UnionPay cards with our free signage.

Open your business to more customers.

Today consumers demand choice and convenience, especially when it comes to how they pay. Placing signs and decals in your windows and at the counter is a great way to let customers know the payment types you accept and ensure that you are attracting as many shoppers as possible.

Some 3.5 million people will visit the U.S. from China this year.* You can increase sales and help them feel welcome by displaying a decal that includes the brandmark of UnionPay – the most popular payment method in China with more than 6 billion cardholders.**

A few facts about UnionPay -

  • UnionPay is a leading, global credit card company with more than 6 billion credit and debit cards issued to date.
  • Chinese travelers normally carry one card type, UnionPay, and typically only shop where the UnionPay card decal is displayed.
  • Each and every payment transaction builds your business – don’t miss out on this growing market.

Display - It’s the easy way!

Since UnionPay acceptance is new and still growing in the U.S., it’s important for business owners and their employees to remember that these cardholders typically only shop where the UnionPay card decal is displayed. For this reason, we encourage you to display the UnionPay signage in a prominent location, alongside any other existing card signage. By posting this signage at your place of business, you’re letting UnionPay cardholders know their card is accepted at your business!

To request UnionPay signage, complete the form on this page or call the customer service number listed on your terminal or merchant services statement.

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*Source: Fung Business Intelligence Centre